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How to use wire strippers?


It is not a big deal to learn about something through the help of internet today. Without the help of the online world, it is hard for us to know things from our home. It is common to use various household tools to do minor repair and installation works in our household. However, the fact is that people do not have proper knowledge about using these tools in the right manner. Only when you are aware of the working style of the tool is simple to use them without any hassles and no time is wasted during the working hours.



Functions of Wire strippers


Have you noticed the plier like devices that is found in many house. Because of its prime utility people are simply learning only few aspects of this important tool. It is to be noted that the wire strippers are not used to remove the outer sheathing present in the cables. You need to understand the fact that it is only possible to strip the wire after removing the outer layer through other manes. The wire strippers will remove the wire that is present inside the outer layer and they can perform two other tasks. It can cut the outer coating with the help of holes present in the wire stripper. The holes are always user friendly so that they can be used for different size of wires and this will make you the work easier at the end. By the help of the wire stripper, you can easily cut the outer plastic coating of the cable and the wire present inside is not even damaged to a minor extent.

Yet another important job of this wire stripper is that they can remove coating of the wire also. After the above said action, it is simply possible to slide the wire stripper until the need of the cut part of the wire thus removing only the outer coating of the wire with absolute precision. Therefore, it is the right time to know about the art of using a wire stripper for all these purposes.



Safety measures to be followed


The first important step you need to follow while using the wire strippers is that you need to get the precautionary coverings in your hand. Because while working with wires connected with electricity, it is hard to predict the outcomes. It is good to stay safe before any future problems. Therefore, you need to wear a protective gear while working with the wire strippers, which is hundred percent safe, and secure in this working environment.

If the wires are connected to an electric power then you may need the help of yet another device before using the wire stripper. That is plier that is used to hold the wire tight and the holding clamp of the plier is insulated from the electric current with proper insulation material like heavy plastic. So using plier will make your job so simple and easy.



Steps to use wire strippers


  • Wire Gauge is the important factor that needs to be found before proceeding with the help of the wire strippers. In order to know this particular factor you need to find it on the sheathing present in the outer most layers. In addition, you need to know that this is the part that binds the wires together.

  • By the help of the nuts present in the stripper, you can change the depth of the cut.

  • After finding the gauge, you need to find a corresponding hole in the stripper that will do the job for you. Choosing a wrong hole will spoil the process. When you are choosing a small hole

  • Open the handles of the wire stripper so that it is easy to place the wire into the tool without any hassles.

  • After fixing the wire in place, you can press the handle gradually so that the work is done without any damage to the inner most core of the wire. After completing the above process, you need to look for any damages in the wire. If there is a material still staying in the wire, it is easy to get them perfectly cleaned with the help of the stripper.

  • While closing the handling to strip the wire you need to squeeze the wire because you should not twist the wire during the process. It is enough to simply rotate the wires strippers. The blades will dug into the casing of the wire after this process. Now it is the right time to pull out the plier that is holding the wire tight. Therefore, you will get the stripped material in your hand without any hassles.

  • After this process, you can pull the stripper until the end of the wire or the place until you need to strip and discard the casing at last.




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